Web Hosting Information’s Guide to Super-Sized Hosting Plans

If you’re looking for a hosting company that offers more than 100 gigs of disk space, it can be a pretty arduous experience. We’ve gone through our entire directory to select the best hosting companies that provide a high amount of disk space for the best price to make your search even easier. You’ll find links to the full review for each host in the descriptions below.

Vortech Hosting – For $239.00 per month you’ll get 120 gigs of disk space and free technical support. This plan is for a dedicated server, and there is a set-up fee, but the available features more than make up for it. 100 H-Sphere control panel licenses are provided free of charge, making this plan a good fit for a reselling business. The add-ons are reasonably priced and overall this plan received a decent rating in our directory.

FastServers – The Velocity CX plan from FastServers starts at $128 per month and features 160 gigs of disk space and 900 gigs of monthly data transfer, which for the money, is a great deal. Other features include 1 gig of usable RAM, a tiered support system, your choice of operating system, and reasonable control panel licensing fees. Toll-free telephone support is offered, and their toll-free number will work in 35 countries.

Dream Host – This is a unique budget host that offers 120 gigs of disk space for just $7.95 per month. One of the best features is that the disk space will continue to grow by 160 megs per week for the life of your account, and the bandwidth will also continually grow. There is a set-up fee, but it’s not that high and several nice features such as support for streaming media files are provided. Tech support is offered 24/7 through their help desk, but no telephone support is available at this time.

Dedicated Central – The Fedora Linux starter plan is currently priced at $149 per month and offers a 160 gig hard drive and 2000 gigs of monthly bandwidth. Other operating systems are available, but they are higher priced than this entry-level plan. A firewall is offered, as well as several other nice features including a spam filter, multiple OC12 lines, Plesk Server Management and more.

Lypha – This company bills this plan as the “biggest plan on the web,” and they may just be right. For only $14.95 per month you’ll get 1 terabyte of space and 2 terabytes of monthly data transfer. The HostOneSuite is offered as a bonus and includes numerous tools for setting up and maintaining your site. A free shared SSL certificate is also offered and email support is available 24/7. If you decide to purchase two year’s worth of hosting in advance, the price drops down to $6.95 per month, which is a great deal considering what you get for your money.

ServerBeach – $169 per month will get you 2000 gigs of disk space with ServerBeach’s entry level dedicated server. You will need to add a control panel on for an additional fee, but you will have several from which to choose. RapidReboot is offered free with this plan as well as numerous other features including 1 gig of available RAM. The only downside for this plan is the lack of information provided on their website.

Keep checking back, we’ll be adding more hosts to this Guide soon!

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