WebRaided’s NT hosting plans are reasonably priced and offer a great deal of features that you wouldn’t normally find at this price. If you would rather host your site on a Unix platform, there are also several available Unix plans with WebRaided.

The WBasic NT plan starts at $12.99 a month, but there is a price break if you decide to purchase a year or more worth of hosting from WebRaided. There is currently a $30 set-up fee, which is a downside. However, let’s see what this plan will provide. You’ll get 1 gig of disk storage space and 50 gigs of data transfer. The bandwidth allotment is great for this monthly fee and should help site owners that are having a problem with their site’s current needs.

250 POP3 email accounts are included with this plan, as well as the standard aliases, autoreponders, forwarders and mailing lists. While having unlimited email accounts would have resulted in a higher overall ranking for WebRaided, this amount should still be sufficient for most small businesses. Spam Assassin is also provided with this account, making it easier to crack down on spam.

The Plesk control panel is offered with this account, and you’ll also get support for Perl, PHP, CGI, Dr. Web, Flash, TomCat, ASP and ASP.NET. The documentation did not specify if this was ASP.NET 1.1 or 2.0, so you may need to check with their sales department just to make sure. If you want to have a dedicated IP address, you can easily add one for an additional $2 a month. This is a nice feature if you have your own SSL certificate which requires this feature.

Unfortunately, this plan does not come with any SQL databases, but if you do need this option, the WPremium plan does provide this. One MS Access database is available however. Unlike many NT hosting plans, this plan features the ability to password protect your directories, which is one of WebRaided’s nicest overall features, given the platform.

Support is provided 24/7 via their online support ticket system, but they do accept telephone support calls if you can’t get your question answered online.

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