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Webstrike Solutions is currently offering a hosting special that is quite uncommon. For a set-up fee of $30, you’ll get a year’s hosting for free. This is quite different from most hosting company specials, but let’s see what you can expect from their plans. For this review, we’re going to be taking a look at their RedHat Linux plan.

You’ll get 1 gig of disk space and 20 gigs of monthly data transfer for your $30. If you stay with Webstrike after your free year, this hosting package is then $8 per month. This is still incredibly reasonable and there is a further discount if you purchase another year in advance. Unlimited email accounts are provided as well as 24/7 FTP access. However, Webstrike Solutions does not say how many FTP accounts are allowed, so if you need more than one, you may want to check with their sales department before purchasing this plan.

One MySQL database is offered free of charge, and unlike many Unix hosts, you can even get support for MS SQL databases for an additional fee. A control panel is included, as well as a form-mail script, support for PHP and Java Script Pages. Perl Module support is also provided. Not many other scripts are offered, but at this price, you can easily purchase add-ons if necessary.

Technical support is offered via an online ticket system and several other account management tools are also provided. Log-ins to administer your databases, billing information and control your domains are also available through their support area. If you need additional help, Webstrike Solutions has a customer support forum.

While the features are a little light with this plan, it’s hard to find hosting for $30 per year. This plan would be well suited for a small business, particularly since there is a free shared SSL certificate, or for a personal site that doesn’t require several MySQL databases or extra add-ons.

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Posted on 03/17/06 3:17 AM

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