What Are Vanity Domain Names?

Much like vanity license plates, vanity domains are becoming very popular. Since most web hosting companies will allow to point several domains to one location, it is becoming even easier to use a vanity domain.

First, what is a vanity domain name? Instead of a regular domain name that is either your own name or your company name, a vanity domain name is one that will either contain popular key words or phrases. Vanity domains can take advantage of current market trends and allow you to attract new visitors.

Some vanity domains will have absolutely nothing to do with the site that they are connected with. While this is not entirely ethical, many companies are using this technique with great success.

You can compare this to the “bait and switch” technique. A customer will think that they are going to visit a site that provides something they are interested in, and instead, end up on an entirely different web site.

However, there are many ethical ways that you can use a vanity domain name with great success:

Analyze current market trends ’ If there are popular events that ties in well with your site’s content or products, you can register a domain name that reflects these trends. Many people have utilized this technique with great success.

Take your domain and make it better ’ Many people end up settling on a domain name that they may not be happy with. Now is a great time to look for another domain that will fit your site much better.

Shortening a domain name – If your domain name is long and hard to remember, a vanity domain name can be used instead. Since it will be pointing to the same site, you can give this domain out instead of the one that is hard to remember. For example, if your current domain is: mylongandhardtoremembercompanyname.com you could purchase a vanity domain that uses the initials of your business or a shortened version of the above name.

Purchasing a popular domain ’ If you have found a domain for sale that has been used in the past and is very popular, you can purchase this domain from the owner. This will only work if the current domain ties in well with your site’s content. You may also need to put up a statement that the domain is now owned by your company to diffuse any confusion.

Much like a vanity license plate, a vanity domain name should be fun and easy to remember. You can take advantage of a vanity domain name by having it point to the same nameserver as your current domain and adding a pointer for this new domain name. This way, it will resolve right to your current web site without any problems.

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