What makes you love your hosting company?

When it comes to hosting, customers invariably go to extremes – they either love their hosting company, or they’re looking for the best way out and can’t stand them. What brings people to such extremes? Does the hosting experience have to be a love-hate relationship?

I’ve had plenty of hosting company that would qualify for the hate-part certainly, but only one or two that I could honestly say I truly loved. I’m still with them in fact.

So, what make a hosting company good? Or for that matter, what makes them bad? Are you willing to overlook some problem areas if a company offers great support? It’s almost always a catch-22, but in order to succeed, a hosting company has to find their niche, the niche that will make their customers fall in love and remain loyal.

Branding doesn’t have anything to do with it, neither do flashy site designs, the latest technology (although it helps) or even features. It all boils down, in the end, to good old fashioned customer service and going the extra mile. It’s just human nature to develop loyalty for a company that will bend over backward for you.

So, in this vein, we want to hear from you! Share your worst hosting story, and your best. There are some great companies out there, quietly doing what they do best every day. And yet, there are some really terrible hosting companies as well, ones that loudly rip people off every day. So, let us know what you’ve experienced. Who’s the best and who’s the worst? We want to know!

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Posted on 05/18/06 3:04 AM

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