What to Consider Before Purchasing Dedicated Hosting

Now that you are aware of the advantages that come with purchasing a dedicated server hosting plan, it’s time to take a look at some of the disadvantages. However, all websites have different needs, so these may not be disadvantages that will hamper your move to a dedicated server.

Cost is usually the number one disadvantage of dedicated hosting. It is certainly more expensive that shared hosting plans and in some cases, much more expensive. Although more companies are offering dedicated solutions at prices that are almost comparable, the majority of dedicated solutions will cost at least 5 to 10 times what a shared hosting plan will cost.

If you are not familiar with administering a server, a dedicated server can be very confusing and hard to understand. You will need to have a good grasp of the many features and problems that come with running your own server before jumping right in. If you are not familiar with telnet, SSH, or administering your site at this level, it can be very difficult to perform even simple tasks on a dedicated server. This will depend on the type of control interface your host offers, as many are moving to control panels that make this task much easier.

Downtime is another issue, especially if you are unfamiliar with the points we stated above. If you make a mistake on a dedicated server, you can cause the server to crash, necessitating rebooting. This means that your site will be inaccessible until it has completely rebooted. If you are not familiar with how to handle rebooting and running a server, this can be very frustrating.

Having a good host that offers technical support is a must for a dedicated server. You will need to make sure that the host is dependable and has someone to monitor your server 24 hours a day. If your host isn’t dependable, it can result in more downtime and less ability to fix problems when they occur, instead of when your customers or visitors notice there is a problem and start complaining.

Since the server is not at your location, you are at the mercy of the hosting company you select. If this host does not offer server monitoring and back-ups, you can be left with a problem that may not be resolved until the next business day.

In addition to a high price tag, many dedicated hosting plans have penalties if you exceed your disk space, bandwidth or other allotments. If your site is consistently busy, this can spell disaster. Many hosts do not feature a stop-gap system which will take your site down if you do exceed your limits, which means that your site will just go on racking up your bill. This can result in hundreds of dollars above and beyond your current monthly fee.

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Posted on 12/14/05 2:47 PM

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