Widget Mania

Widgets, widgets, widgets. They’re everywhere, and seem to be multiplying like tribbles. However, they may be an untapped resource to assist you in promoting your site. The latest major widget from Yahoo will display stock information on your site. Google’s even starting their own widget craze with their latest desktop release. So, what can this do for you?

If you regularly publish a blog or have an ecommerce site that frequently adds new products, you can create your own widget. Yahoo’s directory and Apple’s Widget page have made it easy to promote your widget to the masses, free of charge. Beyond the expense of developing your widget, they are practically free to promote and more than do their job of finding new ways to bring readers to your site. The actual development of a widget is straightforward, and you may even be able to shave costs by creating your own.

Widgets are a great resource for podcasters, allowing them to create a graphical player that can showcase their content and (pardon the expression) feed more listeners to their sites.

They may be glorified clutter, but they do serve a purpose.

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Posted on 05/20/06 3:11 AM

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