Xilo is offering several different hosting packages at a wide range of affordable prices. Let’s take a look at their SiteHost Xtra Plan.

Please keep in mind that Xilo is a UK company and that the price we have quoted above is in Euros. Your server will be housed in the UK. This can cause issues with support time and US based sites may prefer to have a server located in their own country. This plan offers 1 gig of data storage with 35 gigs of monthly data transfer. You’ll be able to host 20 domains on one account, making this a cheap alternative for a start-up reseller company or a web designer that wants to offer hosting for their clients. Only 1 FTP account is provided, which may cause problems if you plan to host more than one site on your account.

Support for Perl, PHP, MySQL, Zend Engine, and ImageMagick is provided. If you need an ecommerce hosting plan, their shared SSL certificate will certainly come in handy. 1000 email accounts are provided, which should be sufficient for most sites. You can have up to 10 MySQL databases, and 10 MySQL user’s per account. This is a little light, but the ability to have more than one MySQL user is beneficial for resellers.

Windows Media, Real Media and Flash/Shockwave streaming support is provided. It’s rare to find support for streaming Windows Media files at this particular price point, and if you need this type of solution, this plan would work very well for you. Site Studio is offered if you don’t have a web design client and can help you get your site up and running very quickly.

For script needs, several CGI scripts are included and you’ll also get Xilo’s EasyApp Installer, which includes several popular scripts for blogging, content management and more. Three different statistic programs are provided, including AwStats, Webalizer and MODLogan. You’ll be able to password protect your directories through an online interface, and you can create custom error pages for your site.

For the money, this is a reasonably priced hosting package that doesn’t scrimp on features. If you don’t mind having your site hosted in the UK, or if you aren’t a US customer, this would be a great plan.

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Posted on 01/19/06 4:57 PM

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