ZipHosters currently has one hosting plan that is well priced and packed with features. Let’s see how their single plan can stack up against their competition. Sometimes doing one thing and doing it well can be an advantage, but in hosting, this isn’t always the case.

This plan offers 1 gig of disk space and unlimited bandwidth and email accounts. A quick check on their accepted use policy reveals the standard clauses regarding unlimited bandwidth. Your site will need to qualify for this feature, meaning that it cannot have adult content, nor can it be a “download” site. There are a few other restrictions, and it’s a good idea to read this policy thoroughly before signing up for this plan. However, Zip does clearly state that the bandwidth allotment is 40 gigs if your site doesn’t qualify for their unlimited bandwidth, which is nice to see. Most sites should fall within these limits and restrictions. Zip Hosting does monitor accounts however, and they may change your site’s status if you use too many resources.

You can host up to three domains on this account, but if you decide to sell this space you may want to monitor it closely to ensure that you’ll still be eligible for unlimited bandwidth. A free site builder complete with templates is offered and you’ll also get four different Content Management Systems to make it easier to run your site. 3 MySQL databases are offered, which should be enough for most sites. We always prefer to see a higher number or unlimited, but at least they have matched the amount of databases to the amount of domains you can host.

Several modules are included with this plan and run the gamut from blogging applications to discussion forums. A WebShopManager is included with this offering and you’ll also get OSCommerce and tools to help you integrate your cart with PayPal. All Zip customers get a discount with TemplateMonster, which can help you customize your site even further, if you don’t like the provided templates that come with the site builder. The Plesk 7.5 control panel comes with this plan and Zip has provided a demo if you’re not familiar with this popular panel.

Online support is provided 24/7 through their ticket system and a billing manager is also included. In addition, several flash tutorials and other documentation is provided for self-help. For the money, this plan is well priced and offers a lot of nice features for small to mid-sized sites.

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