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For a cheap hosting plan that offers the ability to host more than one site, ZZ Hosting has a Multi-Domain plan that’s hard to beat.

For $6.50 per month, you’ll have the ability to host up to 10 domains, and get 10 gigs of storage space. This price is hard to beat, particularly when you add in the ability to host more than one site on your account. Even if you don’t need to have more than one domain, the amount of storage space for the price is ideal. 150 gigs of monthly data transfer is included, which should be enough for a reseller plan or a single site and once again, is hard to beat for this price.

You’ll have a dedicated IP address which will allow you to add your ten sites under it or you can use it for a dedicated SSL certificate. For a company looking to set up an online store that needs extra disk space or bandwidth, this is a very good option. MySQL databases are provided at no additional cost, but they do not state how many you can use. Before you sign up, you may wish to contact their sales department for an exact delination of how many you can run.

Support for FrontPage extensions is provided, as well as PHP, Perl and CGI scripting. You’ll be able to do what you want with your account when it comes to installing new programs, another nice feature. You can maintain your site through the included CPanel, or if you plan to use it to host several domains, the included WebHostManager will be very useful.

Also included is a huge script library that includes an autoinstaller for several popular applications. Whether you want to install a CMS, blogging tools or technical support apps for your reseller business, you’ll find what you need. This is a great feature for webmasters that aren’t used to installing complicated applications on their own.

Support is provided 24/7 and includes an emergency contact where a support rep will be paged if you log a support request, even in the middle of the night. Telephone support is not offered at this time, but ZZ Hosting does provide several guides and walkthroughs for common issues.

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Posted on 01/19/06 5:10 PM

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