06/09/2006 Hosting Industry Briefing

Here’s your hosting industry briefing for 06/09/2006

MaximumASP Offers Longhorn 2 Beta

MaximumASP, a provider of Windows based hosting services, announced on Friday that they will Microsoft’s first partner to offer free beta test accounts featuring Microsoft Windows Server “Longhorn” Beta 2 and Microsoft Internet Information Services 7.0 (iis.net).

“Throughout the evaluation and testing process, MaximumASP demonstrated excellent flexibility and technical skill, and has developed a strong relationship with the developer product groups at Microsoft,” says Bill Staples, product unit manager of IIS 7.0 at Microsoft. “The IIS product is at the center of Microsoft’s Web platform strategy. IIS serves as the underlying hosting and management infrastructure for all of Microsoft’s Web platform technologies including ASP.NET and Windows Communication Foundation.”

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VPSLink Offers New Linux Flavor

VPSLink, a provider of virtual private servers, announced that they are now offering Ubunto Linux for their hosting plans. According to the company, “Ubuntu includes approximately 16,000 applications ready to install. While Ubuntu 6.0 (Dapper Drake) released in May, is now available on all VPSLink hosting plans.”

Stephen Koenig, Director of Research & Development, said “Ubuntu has carved a respectable niche with systems administrator and developers alike, and we are proud to offer this state of the art platform on our Virtual Hosting products.”

VPSLink is owned by SPRY.com

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Comodo Launches NOC Monkey 2.0 Beta

Comodo, a provider of Web Hosting and server automation announced that they are now offering NOC Monkey 2.0 beta 1, which is the newest version of their web-based remote server provisioning solution.

The company states that this new software, “automates server provisioning by providing a web based interface from which operating systems can be remotely installed, recovered and deployed. Improvements in Version 2.0 beta include the support for Windows 2003 Server, Windows XP and Windows 2000 ’ extending the reach, versatility and value of the application to web hosts and administrators offering both Windows and Linux based services. The new build also sees the addition of recovery mode support for the FreeBSD 6.0 operating system.”

Igor Seletskiy, CTO of Comodo, believes the new features in Version 2.0 make NOC Monkey an invaluable tool for web hosts and data center administrators running servers on multiple operating systems. “There is now a low cost means for datacenter operators in multi-vendor environments to slash overheads, increase efficiency and provisioning speeds whilst extending functionality and adding to their customer value proposition.”

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GotWebHost Expands Hosting Options

GotWebHost, a provider of hosting solutions, announced today that they are now offering a new hosting plan for the customers. According to the company, the new Standard Value Dedicated Servers will be priced at just $79 per month and will offer their customers more options for their hosting needs.

Director of Marketing & Support, Tanya Martin, said of the new service, “We are very excited to be able to provide this option. The overwhelming positive response we have received from our SEO clientele was a sure signal that it was time for us to expand our horizons.”

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