06/28/2006 Hosting Industry News Briefing

Here’s your hosting industry briefing for 06/28/2006

SiteGround Offers New Ecommerce Pack

SiteGround, a web hosting company, announced that they are now offering their customers a new set of ecommerce tools. According to the company, “The Ecommerce Pack contains tools and resources relating to the three basic elements of e-commerce: shopping carts, SSL certificates, and merchant accounts with payment gateways. SiteGround has also included free Web site statistics tools in the pack as a bonus.”

“We have many customers who want to do business online,” says Lilyana Yakimova, marketing manager of SiteGround. “We wanted to make it easy for them and give them all they need for their e-commerce Web sites.”

SiteGround is home to over 10,000 hosting customers and offers a variety of different hosting plans for personal and business applications.

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1and1.com Premiers Yet Another New Tool

1and1.com, a provider of hosting services, premiered a brand new tool for their customers, right on the heels of their new RSS tool and their new SEO tools. 1and1 customers will now have access to a blogging tool that will be included on all of 1and1.com’s hosting plans.

The company states, “With 1&1 Blog, users can assign a personalized domain name as opposed to a long URL, and give their blogs more identity and credibility. 1&1 Blog is template-driven and quick to set up. In addition, the blogs include free news and entertainment content, 1&1 PhotoGallery, automatic updates and spam protection.”

“We live in an information society,” says 1&1 chairman Andreas Gauger. “Blogging is clearly here to stay and increasingly becoming an essential tool in today’s Web savvy culture. Blogs are now respected as a valuable addition to the Web and offer a powerful way to express yourself or your business. We have long-stated our commitment to giving users every resource they need for an optimal Web presence. 1&1 Blog is a further example of that approach.”

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HostMG Offers Support for Ruby on Rails

HostMG, a provider of hosting solutions, announced that they are now supporting the popular Ruby on Rails and JSP. Support for both will be included on all of HostMG’s current plans at no additional charge.

“We are proud to offer tools that will not only enable our existing customers to develop more enriched applications, but that will also broaden the appeal of our hosting plans,” says Tim Green, HostMG’s director of sales and public relations. “In the past several years, we have been able to capitalize on our company’s ability to provide service features and enhancements that mesh and provide our customers with the tools that will benefit them the most. Succeeding in this industry is more than keeping up with the trends, its adapting new technology to suit individualized needs. We’ve done that.”

According to HostMG, “Ruby on Rails and JSP enable developers to build Web applications more efficiently and rapidly than other frameworks. In addition to Ruby on Rails and JSP, HostMG has recently rolled out support for Tomcat, Real audio and video streaming, and several e-commerce features, such as shopping cart software and analytics tools.”

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Former CrystalTech CEO Moves to SmarterTools

Tim Uzzanti, the former CEO of CrystalTech has joined the team of SmaterTools, a provider of email, analytics and help desk utilities.

“SmarterTools has experienced years of exponential growth and now serves customers in over 100 countries, including small businesses, hosting companies, and Internet Service Providers. We welcome Mr. Uzzanti as our CEO, as he brings the leadership, business and technology experiences that are necessary to sustain the company’s growth and success,” said Grady Werner, Project Manager and member of the SmarterTools’ Board of Directors.

Mr. Uzzanti stated, “I am delighted to lead this company at such a key point in its development. Many aspects of SmarterTools resemble my past experiences, where the primary objective was to develop a strategy that controlled the incredible growth while still managing profitability.”


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