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If you’re looking for a Virtual Private Server hosting plan, Apollo Hosting currently has several competitively priced options. If you’re not quite ready for a dedicated server, but your current shared hosting environment is working, this may be the right alternative for you. What can Apollo Hosting do for you?

Their Premium Plan comes with 6 gigs of disk space and 200 gigs of monthly data transfer. While this is not as much as you would expect from a fully dedicated plan, it should be more than enough for most sites. While you can find shared hosting plans with higher limits, you won’t have to worry about competing with several other sites for system resources.

Unlimited email accounts are provided, and you’ll be able to configure your own mail server. A Fax-through-Email service is provided with this plan, starting at $3.41 per month. This is a feature that you would be hard pressed to find included with a hosting plan elsewhere. You’ll get one static IP address, but you can add more on if you need this feature.

The ecommerce features with this account are well rounded and include free set-up for your merchant account and payment gateway. An SSL certificate is available for an additional fee. Miva Merchant 5 is provided free of charge, and includes one year of free support. This alone is worth almost $1500. There is a one time installation fee of $165 for this feature.

15 MySQL databases are provided, and you can administer your site through the online control panel. Root access is allowed, and you’ll also have a back-up or restore option for your site. Site Studio, a website builder is provided with this account, or you can have b2Evolution blogging software installed for a small fee.

Toll-free support is offered, and two levels of support for your Miva shopping cart are also available. There is a price freeze guarantee and a 30-day money back guarantee with this account, as well as same-day activation. If you need extra functionality for your site, you can browse through Apollo’s extensive list of add-ons.

Overall, this plan is a good value for the money, but the set-up fees for the applications and the site itself may turn off many potential customers.

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