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Whether you’re looking to register a domain or find a new host, BlueFish may have the deal for you.

BlueFish has one hosting plan, but is it really one-size-fits-all? Let’s take a look. The provided storage space is set to 6 gigs, which should be enough for most sites. In this category of hosting, that’s a generous allotment. 100 gigs of data transfer are allowed each month, which is yet again, a very good deal for the monthly price. Many hosts in this category only provide 500 megs of space and 1 gig of bandwidth, so this plan is looking like a winner so far.

MySQL databases are provided as well as support for CGI, Perl, PHP, FrontPage Extensions and SSI. You’ll have access to your site’s log files, which is helpful if you need to debug a script or if you prefer to use your own site statistic program. If you prefer, you can also use their provided statistic program to see how your site is performing. The vDeck control panel is offered with this plan, and while it’s not as popular as CPanel, it’s still a solid way to manage your site.

EasyWebBuilder is offered with this account, giving you access to hundreds of website templates, and an easy way to set up your site. A tour wasn’t offered, so we didn’t get an idea of the kinds of templates they are offering, but for entry-level webmasters, this is a great way to learn how to set up your own site.

Unlimited email accounts, webmail access, email filters, and forwarders are provided as well as several pre-installed CGI scripts. These scripts include basic discussion forums, blogging utilities, PHPNuke, a chat client and form mail. These features don’t stand out too far in the crowd, but they are a nice touch for beginner sites. Three different shopping carts are available, as well as tools to make your site function better, such as link checkers and meta tag generators.

The main area where BlueFish falls down is their support. At this time, there are several tutorials but no actual technical support. Since they seem to cater to smaller sites and beginners, this is an area that could definitely use some improvement. Also, please keep in mind that the monthly price is only applicable with the purchase of two year’s worth of hosting.

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