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Cube Cart is yet another entry for free shopping carts that allows you to get your ecommerce site active in just a few minutes. Cube Cart does require a fee if you wish to remove the copyright information from your storefront, but this fee is reasonable. Most sites should not have to worry about removing the small Cube Cart reference from their carts.

The latest release from Cube Cart offers significant improvements than their previous version and now includes a powerful template engine that can help you customize your store’s appearance. Also included is the ability to add “plug and play” modules to increase your store’s functionality. These plug and play modules include payment gateways, shipping options, affiliate modules and more.

Three basic skins are provided with this cart, but they are variations on the same theme. Here is a screenshot of one of their newest skins:

Click for larger image.

Cube Cart features the ability to use your cart to improve your email marketing with current customers by offering the ability to contact them directly from the cart’s interface. The admin panel is very easy to use and you’ll be able to configure all of the aspects of your store from one easy location. Here is a screenshot of the admin panel.

Click for larger image.

As you can see, this panel will allow you to add modules, configure your individual items, create categories, upload files and much more.

Security features have been improved with this latest release and more support is now provided for SSL certificates. If you have customers from several different countries, you’ll also appreciate the added support for multiple languages.

This is a very solid free shopping cart that provides you with enough behind the scenes power to make shopping at your ecommerce store a delight instead of a chore. The security features for the administrator make your store more secure and the amount of supported payment gateways should mean that you won’t have any integration worries.

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Posted on 02/21/06 9:01 PM

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