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You’ll find five hosting plans at Cyber Ultra hosting, all of which feature low prices and a 30-day money back guarantee, as well as no set-up fee. If you decide to purchase a year’s worth of hosting, you’ll currently get two months free with all of their plans. Let’s see what the Professional Plan has to offer.

For $18.99 per month or $189.90 per year, you’ll get 3 gigs of data storage and 50 gigs of monthly data transfer. This plan comes with CPanel 10, and Cyber Ultra has provided a demo, so you can familiarize yourself with this panel before purchasing your plan. Unlimited email and FTP accounts are provided as well as unlimited MySQL databases. Two different SQL management programs are offered, including phpMyAdmin and MySQL Manager. It’s nice to see another option for those who find phpMyAdmin to difficult to work with.

Although Fantastico is not included, you will get the following extras with your account: Support for Perl and PHP, Pre-Installed CGI Scripts which include basic guestbook and counter scripts, Zend Optimizer, Turck MMCache, ImageMagick and the GD2 Graphics Library. This is one area where this plan doesn’t perform as well as it could have. Considering that many hosts are now including Fantastico or at least a large script library with hosting plans in this price range, it is disappointing.

One site statistic program is offered, as well as other common CPanel tools such as bandwidth usage stats, IP deny, custom error pages, password protection for your directories and more. Daily and weekly back-ups are offered free of charge, which did improve their overall ranking. A back-up utility is also included with this account so that you can schedule your own back-ups, which is another nice feature.

24/7 technical support is provided via their online help desk and their support area contains helpful documentation. More support options would have been nice, but at least round the clock support is provided. Overall, this plan is well priced and should be well suited for small businesses or large personal sites that need a little more space and bandwidth.

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