CyberHostPro is a European hosting company that offers several different levels of hosting plans. For this review, we’ll be taking a look at their Windows platform hosting packages, to see how they stack up to the competition. Please keep in mind that all prices quoted from this company are in Euros, and you should check the exchange rate ahead of time to know what you’re getting into.

The Gold Plan is currently priced at 7.99 Euros per month, or if you prefer, you can go with the yearly billing option for just 79.99, which works out to about two months of free hosting. 1 gig of disk space and 25 gigs of monthly data transfer are provided, which is really quite good for this price range, at least in Euros. With the dollar at its current low, it works out to about $15 a month for this plan, but these limits are still competitive within this price range.

You can host up to ten domains with this package, as well as 20 domain name aliases. 50 subdomains are provided and you’ll have up to 20 FTP accounts, which should allow you to create a small reseller business. It’s always nice to see a hosting company match or exceed the amount of FTP accounts to the amount of allowable domains. 10 virtual directories are also supplied, which is another nice feature.

You can have an unlimited amount of email addresses with this plan, along with forwarders and MRA’s. A shared SSL certificate is offered free of charge with this plan, or if you prefer a dedicated SSL certificate, this can be added on for an additional fee. 15 MySQL databases are allowed, which is a little low, but will allow you to offer at least one per each domain you can host. It would have been nice to see an unlimited amount of databases, but at least they do offer some.

AWstats is provided free of charge, and you can also have two instances of Urchin stats and one instance of SmarterStats with this account. Helm is the available control panel for this account, and ASP 1.0 and ASP 2.0 are supported. In addition, support is also offered for ActiveStatePerl, PHP, the Zend accelerator suite and ASP components. The servers used by CyberHostPro are Dell servers, which are some of the most highly regarded servers in the industry.

For technical support, a support suite is offered which contains hosting FAQs, documentation, a knowledgebase and an area to send in support tickets. Notifications about their servers are also posted here which is nice to see. Live chat is also offered and appears to be 24/7. Overall, this plan is well priced, particulary for our European readers, and offers a lot of features that are hard to find anywhere.

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