Whether you want to get into reseller hosting in a big way, or you just want a little extra space for your own site, EMaxHosting has several different levels of plans that are fit for the job. For this review, we’re going to take a look at one of their mid-level plans, the E1000 Package, to see what it has to offer.

This plan divides the disk space up so that the reseller has their own disk space on the server, separate from their customers. This is always nice to see, particularly when you take into account that this plan has 750 megs for the reseller and 1 gig for their customers. This is also the case with the bandwidth allotments, which are currently portioned out as 30 gigs for the reseller and 30 for their customers. These amounts are generous, particularly since this plan starts at just $21.99 per month.

Unlimited email and ftp accounts are provided as well as unlimited aliases, autoresponders and mailing lists. A free shared SSL certificate is offered that can be used by the reseller and their customers. While it would have been nice to see an included private SSL certificate, for the money this is still a good deal. Unlimited MySQL databases are included and several scripting languages are supported.

WebHostManager is the available control panel for the reseller, while their customers will be able to use CPanel to manage their own sites. This is one of the most popular and easy to use control panels, so this is a nice selling feature for resellers. Both come with advanced options such as scheduling for cron jobs, IP deny managers and much more. Fantastico is also provided, and includes numerous scripts for content management, blogging and customer management.

For an additional $2 per month, resellers can purchase their own private nameservers which will help them completely brand their own hosting service. A dedicated IP address is also available for an additional fee. A seven day money back guarantee is offered, but it would have been nice to see the standard 30-day guarantee, especially for customers who are new to this type of hosting.

Support options include a community forum, support tickets and a billing manager, but there is no indication if the ticket option is available 24/7. All in all, this is a well priced plan with advanced features that should get a new reseller off to a very good start.

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Posted on 04/9/06 10:27 PM

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