Enterhost claims to be “hosting for developers” but can they live up to this claim? Let’s find out.

Their ASP Enterprise Plan includes 1 gig of disk space and 20 gigs of bandwidth each month. They’ll even walk you through the process of transferring or registering your domain, which is helpful for beginners, but not something that developers would usually need assistance with. They do offer a dedicated IP address and 30 additional domain pointers, which can be very useful for large sites or sites that require a dedicated IP address for their ecommerce needs.

150 POP3 email accounts are included with this plan, as well as unlimited forwarders, aliases and autoresponders. This amount is a little low, given the price for the plan, but should still be more than enough for the majority of websites. Only 1 FTP account is provided, which may not work for large companies that have several people contributing to a site. This was a little surprising, given the prevelance of unlimited FTP accounts with the majority of web hosts. However, access to the FTP account is provided 24/7.

This plan really begins to shine when it comes to its scripting capability. The scripts are too numerous to mention here, but briefly, they include support for the .NET Framework 1.1 and 2.0, Browserhawk 5.0 Professional, DynuHTTP, ServerObjects ASPMail and several others. If your site relies heavily on NT technology, this hosting plan should provide you with the functionality you require.

You’ll be allowed 30 ODBC DSN’s and one MS SQL database with a 100 meg limit. Support is provided for Microsoft Access and FoxPro. For rich media, you get WIndows Media Server, and support for MP3, Quicktime, and Shockwave streaming. This should be more than enough for most sites.

For ecommerce solutions, a shared SSL certificate is provided, but you can add your own if you prefer, for an additional cost. The support team has been Microsoft certified and Enterhost provides a toll-free number as well as online support for their customers.

What this plan lacks in FTP, email accounts and databases, it does make up for it with its scripting capabilities. This plan should be more than enough for most NT needs and will allow you room to grow over time.

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Posted on 01/18/06 10:41 PM

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