Free tool to beat phishing scams

As more and more people fall prey to phishing scams and identity theft, it’s nice to see companies responding and offering free tools to protect consumers. The latest entry comes from CyberDefender, who just released a new toolbar.

Link to full story.

The company also features ThreatCentral, which should be the first stop for people new to the internet and email or phishing scams.

From their release:

Threat Central™ and CyberDefender’s Collaborative Internet Security Network™ together form a seamless adaptive network technology providing all CyberDefender users with anti phishing Scam Alerts warning them about new phishing scams. Threat Central automatically analyzes threats and determines whether the phished site is an active scam or an inactive scam. An active scam is one in which the offending website is still active, while an inactive scam is one in which the offending web site is not active but still being monitored. Many phishing sites cycle between active and inactive ’ sometimes daily, in an effort to avoid detection by Internet Service Providers. Because of this, the CyberDefender Threat Central phishing threats are dynamic, adjusting in real-time as each threat evolves, providing users with the most updated and accurate protection available.

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Posted on 05/25/06 2:47 AM

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