FutureQuest offers economical shared hosting packages, but we wanted to take a look at their High Capacity plan to see what it can provide. It is currently priced at $99 so let’s see if this plan is a good value for the money. FutureQuest does not charge a set-up fee and they do offer a 60 day satisfaction guarantee, which is fabulous and a 99.5% uptime guarantee.

Since this plan is advertised as a “high capacity” plan, you’d expect more than just 2.5 gigs of disk space, especially since the price is so high. You’ll get 100 gigs of unrestricted bandwidth a month, which is still a little better, but well under what a similarly priced dedicated solution could provide. 30 FTP accounts come with this plan, as well as 300 email accounts. Once again, it’s a little low when you compare the competition.

25 MySQL databases are included, and a dedicated IP address is provided free of charge. They do offer a free shared SSL certificate, which makes it easier to save a little money than if you had to purchase your own. A propreitary webmail client, QuestMail comes with this plan, and appears to be heavily based on Squirrel Mail. The company has an interesting way of billing their included subdomains and multiple domain options. They refer to this process as IRM or IRO, which is short for Internal Redirection/Overlay and Internal Redirection/Mapping. From what we could decipher, in english, this means you can have 10 subdomains and 5 extra domains on one account.

The control panel for this plan is also a proprietary plan and is called Command ‘n’ Control. It should allow you to accomplish most management tasks for your site, but it would have been nice to see a demo. When it comes to unknown control panels, hosting companies can always benefit from allowing their customers to take it for a spin before they purchase a new account.

FutureQuest does offer Secure_Mode, which is a PHP protection tool, so this plan may be attractive for sites that rely heavily on PHP and have concerns on its safety. Technical support is offered 24/7 via their support ticket system and email. If you need FutureQuest’s assistance in moving your site to their servers, expect to pay another $99 for the assistance.

Overall, while this plan has some very nice features, it falls short of how we would define “high capacity” and definitely falls short when it comes to comparing the amount of features against the monthly hosting price.

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Posted on 05/22/06 2:52 AM

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