has put together a hosting package that is certain to attract a lot of attention. With the Mach 500 plan, you’ll get 50 gigs of disk storage, and 1000 gigs of data transfer each month. This bandwidth amount is hard to beat, particularly at this price point. Similarly priced hosting packages typically only offer 20 to 50 gigs, and usually a lot less. If your site requires a high limit, this plan is certainly worth a second look.

Several useful applications are included with this account, such as Contribute 3, a site builder program which pretty everyone should be able to use to create their own site. It may be a little light for advanced users, but webmasters who are new to design or do not have their own design program should find it quite useful.

Now, let’s get to the good stuff! Here’s what will throw in for free with a new account: Macromedia Contribute 3.0, AddWeb Site Promoter 8 Lite, Urchin Web Stats, $50 Google AdWords credit, Banner Builder with 1000 included impressions, and a 60 day trial of Constant Contact. The Banner Builder allows your ad to be seen on over 450,000 sites through the Yahoo! Network and can assist you in driving more traffic to your site quickly.

BlogIt! is provided free of charge with a new account, and allows you to get your blog up and running with a simple, one-click installation. This software includes the ability to upload files, handle images, search and get comments from your readers. If you are not used to installing your own applications, this little feature will definitely come in handy.

1000 email addresses are included as well as spam and virus filtering, a webmail client and the usual autoresponders and forwarders. A CGI library is provided with your account, as well as support for Perl, PHP, SSI, FTP access and more. You’ll get 1000 megs of storage for your MySQL databases, access to your log files and even support for ASP.

24/7 toll-free phone support or email is provided, and has an extensive online knowledge base that can help you solve most problems. A community forum is also available so you can get instant help from other web developers.

Overall, this is a very strong hosting package at a fantastic price.

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