Gemstream currently has five hosting plans geared towards resellers. While not all of them would work for a large reseller business, they are reasonably priced and would be well suited for entry-level hosting companies or web developers who want the ability to host extra domains on one account.

The Site Plus plan from Gemstream starts at $12.95 per month and there is currently a $30 set-up fee. We always like to see these fees waived, so this is a downside to this plan. 1.5 gigs of disk space and 20 gigs of monthly data transfer are allowed, which is a little low for a reseller plan. You won’t be able to offer your customers much room for their own sites with this plan. Eight domains are allowed on this account, as well as eight subdomains. One IP address is provided for all accounts under this plan, which should be sufficient for most needs.

800 email addresses are included, and although FTP accounts are provided, there is no indication on how many you will be allowed. FTP subaccounts are also provided, which is a nice feature for resellers. However, reseller plans always work best when an unlimited amount of FTP accounts are provided. Given the relatively low amount of domains that you can host however, this shouldn’t be a problem.

SiteStudio is included for you and your customers, and statistics are also provided for each account. Only three MySQL databases are offered, which again, is a downside to this plan. Most customers are expecting to have at least one database with their hosting account, and with eight domains, this is a strange allotment. Other important features for a reseller account such as billing software, automation utilities and a shopping cart of SSL certificate are not provided.

For support, you’ll be limited to online support tickets, but in all fairness their support center does include a good deal of documentation. Overall, this plan is not suitable for anyone serious about reselling and would only be useful to tiny companies or designers that want to package hosting accounts with their services.

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Posted on 04/9/06 2:17 AM

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