If you’re looking for a hosting plan geared towards small businesses that is less than $10 per month, GlobalWebBrands may have the plan for you. Their Corporate plan is currently priced at $7.95 per month and offers a great combination of features for a terrific value.

This plan comes with 25 gigs of disk space and 400 gigs of monthly data transfer, which considering the monthly price, is extremely generous. It would be very difficult to find a hosting plan to beat this price. There is currently no set-up fee and GlobalWebBrands offers a 30-day money back guarantee. Unlimited email addresses are provided, as well as 3,400 perl modules, Site Studio (an online site builder), and the Elefante Free Scripts package.

You’ll get 5 FTP accounts and 4 MySQL databases, which is a little light, but should still be sufficient for most companies. We always like to see unlimited MySQL databases, but for the money, this is still reasonable. A control panel is offered and phpMyAdmin is included for administering your databases. SSL is supported and you’ll be able to generate your own certificate, which is a nice touch.

This plan comes with the ability to host 10 domains as well as 40 subdomains, making it ideal for businesses who have more than one site, or for someone who wants to offer their clients space on their own server. If you don’t already have a domain name registered, GlobalWebBrands is currently offering registration with this hosting plan for an additional $5, which is in line, if not a little cheaper, than most popular domain registration sites.

Technical support is offered 24/7 and comes with a 1 hour response guarantee. The ticket system has been integrated into the account system, and there is a live chat option as well. Toll-free telephone support is also offered.

GlobalWebBrands has done a great job combining a high level of technical support, a low price and some really nice features into one hosting plan. While there are a few downsides, such as the amount of MySQL databases, they are small in relation to the benefits this plan has to offer.

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Posted on 03/24/06 3:35 AM

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