HostDime has six hosting plans that all offer a 99.5% uptime guarantee with a money-back guarantee if your site should go down. If the uptime falls to 95%, you’ll get a 25% credit, while if it drops to below 89.9%, you’ll get a 100% credit on your monthly fee. This is very nice to see, and should mean that HostDime takes their servers very seriously. While it is hard to prove downtime, at the very least, it’s nice to see a host put their income on the line.

For this review, we’re going to look at one of their midlevel plans, the Supreme Hosting plan. This plan is $12.99 per month, but if you decide to purchase a year’s worth of hosting in advance, you’ll get one month free. The disk space allotment is 4.5 gigs and the monthly data transfer limit is 80 gigs. These levels are great to see at this price range and should leave most sites room to grow. You can host up to 3 domains on this account, thanks to HostDime’s new support for this feature. In addition, unlimited email addresses, MySQL databases and FTP accounts are included.

SSI / GD / Curl / NetPMB are supported as well as streaming for Real Video, and audio files. Fantastico is offered free of charge and ImageMagick is provided. If you’re not familiar with ImageMagick, you can take it for a spin using HostDime’s demo. CPanel is the available control panel for this account, and a demo is available for this as well. OSCommerce is the provided shopping cart, but there is no mention on whether an SSL certificate comes with this package. If you do need this option we recommend contacting their sales department, or being prepared to add your own certificate to this plan.

A script package worth $300 is available for all new HostDime customers and includes several popular scripts such as Postcards, Affiliate Master, PicturePost, Bandito, SiteShield and much more. It’s nice to see this add-on packaged with a plan that offers Fanastico, since it gives site owners even more options for their sites. There are some pretty useful scripts in the package, even if there are a few ringers.

Technical support is provided via a ticket system and HostDime reports an average response time of 1 to 5 hours. In their support area you’ll also find video tutorials, links to their community forums and documentation to help you with your site. While we would have liked to have seen phone support, the amount of options does soften the blow quite a bit. For the money, this is a plan with a lot of nice features and a great amount of disk space and bandwidth. It ranked well in our current database of hosting companies.

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