Hosting Industry Daily Briefing for 03/16/2006

Here’s your daily hosting industry briefing for 03/16/2006

CFDynamics Partners with TemplateMonster

CFDynamics announced today that they have partnered with TemplateMonster. This new partnership will allow customers of CFDynamics a discount on premium templates for their sites.

According to the company’s press release, “Customers of CFDynamics will receive TemplateMonster gift packages, valued at $295, that include free stock photos, clipart and premium fonts to enhance their Web sites.”

“This partnership is ideal for individuals and business owners alike who want their Web site done quickly and professionally,” says Jason Egan, VP of customer relations for CFDynamics. “Using TemplateMonster can be a lot less expensive than hiring a designer to design your entire Web site.”

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Host Concept Reduces Reseller Prices

Host Concept announced today that they have lowered the pricing on their reseller hosting plans. All of their plans feature free set-up and the newly reducing plans start at just $23.95 per month. Resellers can add an unlimited number of accounts to their plans and advanced management features are also provided.

“We see the new prices as reasonable if not competitive and we can do this because we run a tight ship. So for us, we are still in a profitable state,” says Cori Daniels, senior sales manager of Host Concept. “But if others plan to follow, I do hope they bring life jackets.”

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Ipowerweb’s Growth Spurred By Domain Sales

According to Ipwalk, a leading web statistic program, the addition of reduced priced domain to IPowerweb’s current offerings has spurred tremendous growth for the hosting company. Currently, a one year registration for a domain is just $2.95. This special price sent Ipowerweb’s registered domains from just 2,000 to over 20,000 new domains per month.

The only problem that Ipwalk sees for IPowerweb is that the company is losing around $3 for every domain name and will need to begin upselling other products and services on a large scale to remain profitable.

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Release of SCPanel 1.3 Announced

Shoutcast Hosting announced today that the new version of their control panel has been released in a beta version. The new version features several bug fixes and added new beta API controls. According to the company’s release: “The beta SCPanel API will enable users to display live radio information anywhere on a Web site. Users can also access monthly bandwidth usage and other radio usage statistics remotely through secure API calls.”

“Our centralized admin panel will be released closely after our complete API,” says Alex from SCPanel.NET. “The admin panel will use the functionality of the API to create, delete, suspend, modify, review SCPanel installations and introduce a new reseller feature.”

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