Hosting Industry News Briefing for 04/19/2006

Here’s your hosting industry briefing for 04/19/2006

Zen Internet Offers Hosting for a Penny

Zen Internet, a provider of hosting solutions, announced today that they are now offering new customers web hosting for a mere penny. Any new customer who purchases a Linux hosting package from the company will only have to pay one penny for their first month, and they’ll also get free set-up.

James Steel, Hosting Product Manager, explained, “This promotion provides the ideal opportunity for us to demonstrate the confidence we have in our product set. Our shared Linux packages provide complete value for money and are affordable to both businesses and home users alike. In a marketplace where barriers to entry are low, even for the more established providers it is important to constantly exceed customer expectations and provide continued value for money.”

The special is good until May 16th.

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MEDSEEK Teams with Qwest

MEDSEEK, a provider of content management systems, announced today that they have partnered with Qwest to offer hosting for a West Coast hospital as well as healthcare clients.

“With MEDSEEK’s accelerated growth, we needed to expand our hosting capabilities,” says Kevin Badger, Director of IT services at MEDSEEK. “Our clients will benefit from Qwest’s reliable, top-notch hosting services.”

According to the company’s release, Qwest’s Burbank location offers “environmental support, security 24×7, disaster control, connectivity to provide systems with access on Qwest’s Tier 1 network, power in redundant N+1 design, system monitoring and management of critical systems 24×7.”


SurfControl Solutions Safeguard Tech Electronics Against Internet Threats

SurfControl, a provider of Internet content protection, announced today that they are now working with Tech Electronics “to limit spam, reduce internal liability and fortify network security.”

According to the company’s release, “Tech Electronics called on Enterprise Consulting Group (ECG), an infrastructure specialty firm focused on market-leading solutions, to
analyze their Internet security needs. ‘Tech Electronics needed to eliminate spam, but they also needed visibility into and control of Web use and access. Essentially, they needed fewer products that did more,” said Eric Codak, Internet & Network Security Consultant of ECG. ‘SurfControl was just the right fit. The SurfControl E-mail and Web Filter products help them protect their customer, employee and business information by giving granular control over what’s coming in, going out and happening inside the company.’”

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ViXS Systems Deploys Snipe NetGuard for IP Theft Prevention

According to a recent press release, “Snipe Networks, a leading provider of user-centric network behavioral analysis (NBA) solutions, announced today that ViXS Systems, a fabless semiconductor company focusing on video compression solutions, has purchased and deployed the new Snipe NetGuard 100 model. The new Snipe NetGuard 100 is a 2-port GE (Gigabit Ethernet) appliance capable of monitoring a medium-sized enterprise’s network.

“This purchase was for the peace of mind of my IT staff and the management team,” said Jeffrey So, IT Manager of VIXS Systems. “The Snipe NetGuard solution is the last line of defense of our security infrastructure and will catch known and unknown methods of IP theft and other malicious incidents.”

“Like most high-tech companies, ViXS Systems has built a large portfolio of intellectual property that needs to be protected,” said Peter Yong, CEO and Founder of Snipe Networks. “IP theft is difficult to discover, but with Snipe NetGuard’s advanced behavior profiling and deviation detection algorithms, ViXS Systems will have the power to keep their technology protected.”


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