Hosting Industry News Briefing for 04/28/2006

Here’s your hosting industry briefing for 04/28/2006

Verio Gets Gold

Verio, a well known hosting services provided, announced today that they are now a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. The company also received a “competency” rating for their Advanced Infrastructure Solutions.

“Verio’s status as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner demonstrates the company’s expertise in Web hosting and application solutions delivery surrounding Microsoft’s technology portfolio,” said Dennis Boyle, Chief Operating Officer, Verio. “Gold Certified Partner status will maximize Verio’s ability to build and enhance Microsoft-based offerings we provide for small and midsize businesses and customers.”

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Domain Name Registration on the Rise

According to Dotster, a leading provider of domain name registration and hosting services, domain name registration is experiencing an upswing. The company announced today that 8.5 million domain names were registered in Q3 of 2005, a 33% increase from the previous year.

“While more and more businesses are taking advantage of the innovation and power offered by the Internet by registering domains, an equal number of individual users are registering for domain names as well. In fact, with the Internet becoming such a ubiquitous part of everyday life and commerce, one can imagine a day when every individual and every corporation will have a domain name just as they do a social security number or corporate tax ID,” says Kevin Kilroy, Chairman, Dotster, Inc.

“While some may have the perception that all the good domain names are gone, the reality is that what we are seeing today is only the frost on the tip of the iceberg,” added Kilroy. “It’s still very much a buyer’s market as far as online real estate goes. Years from now, those who have purchased and registered domain names today – whether for business or personal use – will look back at this time period as a golden opportunity to acquire the domain name of their choice and put their e-stake in the ground.”

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Globix Makes Gold Too

Yet another hosting company, Globix, announced today that they have also achieved Microsoft Gold Certified status. They company received competencies in networking infrastructure solutions and advanced infrastructure solutions.

“Being a Gold Certified Partner of the Microsoft Partner Program allows the market to easily identify Globix as a company with the wealth of expertise needed to deliver and support high-quality hosting and managed services,” says Kurt Van Wagenen, president and COO of Globix. “We are especially proud of this certification as it demonstrates our commitment to deliver leading managed hosting services in the marketplace.”

According to the company, Globix managed hosting services support the, “Microsoft server platform, which includes Windows Server Systems, Sharepoint, Project Server, SQL Server, and Small Business Server.”


Tucows Hit with Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit

Tucows Inc, a provider of domain name registration services was slapped with a multi-million dollar lawsuit by PetsWarehouse. According to the CEO of PetsWarehouse, their domain was given away without permission in 2004.

“This is no different than parking your car with the Valet, giving your key to the valet attendant and coming out after a wonderful dinner, only to find your car was stolen as the valet gave your keys to a crook without checking to see if the ticket was valid,” said Bob Novak.

Mr. Novak goes on to add: “I am taking this action now, after the Alabama Supreme court found that Alabama failed to gain jurisdiction over Robert Novak in the prior case and dismissed that action which Tucows relied upon immediately acting upon orders which were invalid in Canada until recognized in a Canadian court of competent jurisdiction. It is alleged Brenda Lazare Secretary and general counsel misadministered the valuable domain name taking it upon herself to abide by several invalid Alabama trial court orders. Tucows was notified on several occasions that its actions would cause our company a great deal of damage and lost revenue. The remedy sought is quite straightforward ’ we are asking for over $40 million in damages caused by their actions in giving our domain away.”

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