How Your Customers Can Help Improve Your Ecommerce Site

Is your site suffering from a lack of actual purchases? If you are managing to bring people into your site, but the clicks are not translating into sales, some of your best help may come from these visitors.

While it is impossible to please every single visitor that enters your site, you can get a general idea of what is working and what isn’t by simply asking your visitors to answer a couple of questions.

A small survey that does not require a great deal of time to complete is a great way to ask your customers what you could be doing better or why they decided not to purchase anything from your store.

These surveys are usually delivered by a pop-up window when a customer leaves your site. Although pop-ups are generally frowned upon or outright despised, when used sparingly and unobtrusively, they can help you a great deal.

If you can, try not to require the entry of any personal information from your visitors that take this survey. This will entice more people to fill out since they do not need to worry about giving someone their email address.

Since you are just asking a set of predefined questions, you should not need this information. If you do decide to collect this information, make sure that your visitors know that you are committed to keeping their privacy intact. A brief statement with a link to your existing policy is very useful in this situation.

If you cannot get anyone to answer your survey, try adding a free gift for participation. The gift can be delivered at the completion of the survey by redirecting them to a specific page of your site, or by email, if you are collecting this information.

Free gifts can range from ebooks, reports, or coupons towards a purchase at your store. This is a great way to convince people to take a little time to answer your questions. If you cannot offer free gifts for everyone, you can run a contest, where anyone who fills out the survey can be automatically entered. This option will require to you collect at least their email addresses.

Your questions for the survey should be brief and give your visitors enough options. If you truly want to find out what is not working on your site, do not be afraid to supply them with answers that may not be the most flattering.

If you just want their comments, and do not want to require a multiple choice survey, you can simply provide a comment box where they can enter in their answers that way.

Some examples of questions that you can use in this type of survey include: What made you change your mind? Was the item too expensive? What didn’t you like about your site? What could we do differently?

You may not like the answers you receive, but you can use this information to make your site even better.

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Posted on 12/14/05 10:49 PM

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