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Hurricane Electric is one of the premier hosting companies in the United States and features a variety of different levels of hosting plans. Their high-end Enterprise Virtual Host plan features the power of a dedicated server, without the extra hassle of management. Let’s see what this plan has to offer.

The price tag is a little high and may put off some customers right from the start. Currently, this plan is priced at $299.95 per month and has a $19.95 set-up fee. This price is higher than most dedicated plans and is rarely seen for a plan at this level. You’ll get 60 gigs of disk space and 1200 gigs of monthly data transfer. These limits are great, and are comparable with a dedicated host, making this a perfect solution for a busy site that has extra needs, but may not require a completely dedicated option.

501 email accounts are provided, which is a little strange, especially given the price tag. While most site owners would never need this many accounts, most large hosting plans now come with an unlimited amount of email addresses. This amount would really only be constricting to a very large company, so this doesn’t affect Hurricane Electric’s ranking too much. Now, let’s see if the features of this plan will make it a great deal, or an overpriced albatross.

You’ll get your own private SSL directory as well as your own BitTorrent Tracker and Superseed. This account has full shell permissions, and offers access to your raw log files. Java and Javac are supported, as well as Perl, gcc and PHP. Daily web and ftp traffic reports are provided but the software used for these reports is not mentioned. According to their documentation, you’ll get “a” MySQL database, which seems to indicate that only one is offered. This is certainly not enough for a hosting plan that is geared towards the enterprise level.

Hurricane Electric does offer 24/7 technical support, but at this time, toll-free telephone support is not offered. You will however have access to their regular toll support line or if you prefer, you can use their email support. This is simply not enough for a plan in this price range, and it certainly affected their overall ranking.

The bottom line? This plan is overpriced given the lack of features and lack of technical support options. Although they do guarantee satisfaction or your money back, it’s difficult to make a recommendation on this hosting plan when there are many competitive plans out there with a lot lower price tags.

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