Interland has several different hosting plans available and for this review, we selected their Website + Marketing + ECommerce Plan. They divide their hosting accounts into Website, Marketing and Ecommerce, to allow you to select only the features that you need. Their main customer base appears to be small businesses, but personal sites may find that the entry level plan will work well for them.

The top level plan in this division features a $75 GoogleAdWords credit, keeping in line with the latest trend in ecommerce hosting. Many similar plans with other companies only offer a $50 credit, making Interland stand out. An E-Store builder is included with this plan, as well as the ability to insert Pay Pal’s Buy Now buttons on your site with a few clicks. If your business uses Ebay to market your products, the included EBay Auction Connector tool will definitely come in handy. Interland also features the Amazon Store Connector, Verisign Payment Gateway and Miva Merchant 4.13. If you were planning on adding these components to your site on your own, the overall cost would be far higher than Interland’s monthly hosting fee.

The one area where Interland falls down is the “unlimited” bandwidth offering. Most hosting sites have gotten away from advertising this feature, since it is rarely unlimited. Make sure that you read the fine print before selecting your hosting plan to make sure that your current traffic does not exceed their limits. Another pitfall could be their “unlimited” website pages restriction, as well as their “unlimited” subdirectories and subsites. The current restrictions for “unlimited” traffic include database and RealMedia server traffic. If you have traffic from either of these means in excess of 10 gigs per month, you will be charged an additional fee. Interland also prohibits reselling of any space on your site and you may not use subdirectories in this manner.

Webtrends site statistic program is included with this account, as well as a file manager and an HTML editor. If you need greater protection for some areas of your site, such as a member’s only area, this plan also features the ability to password protect specific directories on your site.

Overall, Interland would have been ranked higher if they hadn’t gone the “unlimited” bandwidth route, particularly since the exact fees for bandwidth overages are not noted. Since extra fees can be incurred for bandwidth that exceeds the allowable amount, this hosting company is only recommended if your site’s traffic does not typically exceed this amount.

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