Looking for a budget priced hosting solution that doesn’t have budget features? Let’s take a look at what Kazix has to offer. Currently, they have three different hosting plans. Two are priced on a yearly basis, and their Gold Plan is available on a monthly basis. We’re going to take a look at the Gold Plan for this review.

10 gigs of data storage come with this account as well as 30 gigs of monthly data transfer. Given the low monthly price of $19.99, this is quite a deal. If you are straining the boundaries of your current budget hosting server, you should be able to make the switch and enjoy the extra space for around the same price as many lesser plans. Unlimited email addresses are provided as well as unlimited MySQL databases, another nice feature for this plan. Two webmail clients, SquirrelMail and Horde, are provided if you prefer to access your email through your browser.

CPanel is provided with this account and will allow you to easily manage your email accounts and back-ups, password protect your directories and much more. This is one of the most popular control panels for a reason, it’s easy to use and packs a powerful punch when it comes to easily maintaining your site. A file manager is also included, as well as support for Perl, PHP, FrontPage extensions, and Cron jobs. PHPMyAdmin is also included to assist you in managing your SQL databases.

For ecommerce needs, four different popular shopping carts are included free of charge with this account. However, if you need to secure your store, you will need to purchase a dedicated IP address and your own SSL certificate. This will bring your yearly costs up a bit, and it would have been nice if a free shared SSL certificate was available for smaller companies that cannot afford this extra expense.

This is a well priced plan with a lot of features and generous amount disk space and bandwidth. While their tech support options could be expanded, this is certainly a hosting package that is worth a try.

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Posted on 01/30/06 3:02 AM

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