Advantages of Budget Hosting

With the advent of cheaper reseller packages and a competitive hosting market, budget hosting is enjoying an upsurge. While this translates into cheaper hosting packages, it also means an increase of features, making budget hosting appealing even for large companies or site owners that need a lot of features built into their server.

First and foremost, one of the best advantages of budget hosting is the most obvious. The cost of budget hosting can be as low as a few dollars a month. Just a few years ago, the cost of basic hosting plans was at least $30 per month, making this an enormous improvement.

A quick set-up time is also commonly found with most budget hosts. This can be almost instantaneous, which is a benefit to site owners who need to get their sites up and running as quickly as possible. Since these packages are not complicated for a host to set-up, the time between placing an order and uploading your files may be less than 30 minutes.

If you don’t need a lot of features or frills for your site, budget hosting is a great alternative. Many site owners just need the basic amount of disk space, email accounts and a minimum of bandwidth. Instead of having to overpay for features that you don’t need, budget hosting can offer just the right amount of features for a lot less money.

Beginning site owners are usually very much at home with a budget hosting company. If you are not sure how much you really need for your site, you can go through a trial period on a budget host that will allow you to get more comfortable with running your site and using basic features before moving to a larger, more comprehensive hosting package.

Budget hosts also offer ways to get your hosting package for even less money by allowing you to purchase your hosting plan for one year, instead of month-to-month. This can lower your hosting costs to as low as a dollar a month with some companies, which is a significant decrease from regular hosting packages.

Personal site owners can usually benefit from purchasing a budget hosting plan, as opposed to a plan that is geared towards a business, such as dedicated, reseller or ecommerce plans. If you are just looking for a place to put your family website or to host your pictures, a budget hosting plan can provide exactly what you need.

Although many hosting companies are offering budget hosting that includes a variety of features, there are some disadvantages that come with selecting a budget host. Our next article will detail these disadvantages and shed some light on important things to keep in mind before selecting a budget hosting company.

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Posted on 12/13/05 7:29 PM

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