Making Money Without Selling Out

Let’s face, hosting is expensive. How many webmasters are lured with the prospects of making a little green here or there, particularly after reading of how some blogger made a couple grand every month from their GoogleAds?

When do you draw the line with ads? Personally, I feel that contextual advertising is the most unobtrusive, and helpful way to advertise. Banners are rarely noticed, and even text adds are being glossed over. What does this mean for you as a site owner? You’ll have to keep coming up with more and more ways to find what your readers want, without selling out.

Nine times out of ten, a site visitor won’t mind an ad as long as it’s useful, or a well-integrated part of your site. When was the last time you saw an ad that you actually clicked on? It’s important to consider what you do on other sites when it comes time to begin trying to add advertising to yours. If you are turned off by a certain type of ad, chances are your visitors will be too.

While it’s a necessary evil in some cases, if you want to get your monthly costs covered, advertising doesn’t have to scream BUY ME! If you can find ways to keep it classy, keep it relevant and keep it interesting, your visitors will click. Afterall, what point are flashy ads if they are ignored?

How do you keep your advertising effective without selling out? We want to know!

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Posted on 05/19/06 2:54 AM

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