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Sick of budget hosting plans with budget features? You may want to head on over to Ontime Hosting to take a look at their Advanced Hosting Plan. This plan starts at just $11.95 a month and a further discount is available if you decide to purchase a year’s worth of hosting. While you’re there, don’t forget to take a look at their current special to save even more money. Since the current special was due to expire, we decided to review this plan to give you an idea of what Ontime Hosting has to offer.

The Advanced plan comes with 1 gig of data storage space and a whopping 25 gigs of monthly bandwidth. For a budget priced plan, this is a great deal and if you’re straining the boundaries of your current bandwidth limit, this may be an economical alternative. You’ll also have the ability to host four different domains on one account, an extra bonus for companies or webmasters that run more than one site.

50 email accounts are included with this plan, which is a little light. However, you are also provided with 50 FTP accounts, which is a very nice feature, particularly if your site has more than one contributor. This is a great benefit for small businesses with several employees. 10 MySQL databases are also provided, which should be enough for most sites. Budget hosting tends to vary greatly when it comes to MySQL databases, and this is a fair amount for the price. If you need more than this, you may want to consider one of their higher priced plans for more functionality.

Fantastico is included with this account, as well as support for Perl, PHP, CGI, custom error pages and much more. The ability to have Fantastico included at this price is quite nice, since many hosts still charge a hefty monthly licensing fee for the privlege. This application can assist you greatly in autoinstalling several blogging, content management and site enhancement tools.

24/7 technical support is available, and includes an online troubleshooter, knowledgebase and a trouble ticket system, but not phone support at this time. This is not uncommon with budget hosts however, but it would have raised their overall ranking if they had included this support option.

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