PowerVPS has some well rounded VPS solutions, both for Unix and NT. Unix users will get their choice of three different control panels, and all of their plans are reasonably priced. PowerVPS does not oversell, and offers instant set-up on all of their VPS plans, which is nice to see. The NT-based VPS plans all come with Plesk 7.5, and range in price from $39 to $99 per month. For this review, we’ll be taking a look at their Windows Power-1 Plan, which is currently priced at $69 per month.

You’ll be able to host an unlimited amount of domains with this plan, but PowerVPS is upfront on what “unlimited” actually means. All servers have their limitations, and they provide a helpful guide to assist new customers in determining which VPS plan is right for them based on the amount of customers they expect to serve with the VPS server. It’s nice to see a web hosting company that has this degree of realism, and it also means that their servers won’t be as overloaded as other companies who try to cram as many sites as possible onto one server.

This plan comes with 7.5 gigs of disk space and 150 gigs of data transfer, which is sufficient for a mid-level VPS plan. 2 IP addresses are provided and 1 RDC license comes with this plan. 384 megs of guaranteed RAM are offered, but if you need more, the largest plan offers 512 megs. You can have your own private nameserver, which is essential for a good reseller business. Plesk Spam Assassin is offered, as well as the Plesk Application Pack which comes with Mambo, post-Nuke and several discussion forum scripts.

One major downside is that PowerVPS does not state how many databases, email accounts or FTP accounts are provided with these plans. We recommend contacting their sales department before purchasing this plan. They do however make sure that all of your software is installed, updated and configured and daily backups are provided free of charge. A 30-day money back guarantee is offered and 24/7 technical support is provided via their support ticket system.

While the price is good and some of the features are spectacular, PowerVPS really should specify what else their plans offer. It’s difficult to fully judge this plan based on the information that they provide.

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Posted on 05/9/06 9:09 PM

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