PronetHosting offers five different hosting plans for all levels of hosting needs. Whether you’re looking for a small, personal site, or you want to get your company online, they may have a solution for you. Let’s see if their plans are worth the money.

The Ecommerce Plan from Pronet is currently priced at $24.95 per month and as of this writing, there is no monthly set-up fee. This disk storage allotment is 2.5 gigs, which is reasonable for the overall cost. If you elect to purchase a year’s worth of hosting, Pronet will pay for your domain registration for one year.

Full daily backups are provided free of charge, which is a nice feature that is not commonly found with plans in this price range. Technical support is provided 24/7 by phone (toll-free) or by email. Hosting plans that offer telephone support are getting harder to fine and their inclusion of toll-free round the clock phone support gave this plan an overall higher ranking.

You can have unlimited email accounts as well as unlimited FTP access. A free shared SSL certificate is provided, or you can purchase your own if necessary. Support for Perl, .ASP, .NET and PHP is available as well as a free shopping cart for your ecommerce site. We did not however, see any features that made this plan stand out from other ecommerce hosting packages.

One main area of concern with this plan is the “unlimited” data transfer. There is no clear documentation of what Pronet’s definition of “unlimited” means, and this is cause for some caution. We would recommend contacting Pronet before purchasing a hosting plan to ensure that you understand their policies on data transfer. Keeping this in mind, it is still a solid hosting package and definitely worth a look.

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