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Raiden Hosting currently has six plans that range from a basic starter plan all the way up to premium hosting. Their prices are reasonable and they do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of their plans. Each plan has something different to offer, so let’s take a look at their RH Power Plan to see what it has to offer. We chose this plan to review since it does offer a dedicated IP address, which is important if you plan to use your site for ecommerce. If you don’t need a dedicated IP, there are two cheaper plans which may also fit your needs.

The month-to-month price for this plan is $10.95, but there are price breaks if you purchase more than one month’s of hosting in advance. 1.5 megs of disk space are provided and unfortunately, only 3 gigs of data transfer are allowed each month. While most personal sites could most likely fit in under the wire, it would be pushing it for a business site. Their premium and unlimited plans offer a lot more bandwidth per month, if this is an issue for you, and they are just a few dollars more a month. Still, at this price range, it’s pretty common to have at least 5-10 gigs of monthly data transfer, so this does go against Raiden to some degree.

20 email accounts are provided, which again, is a little low for a company site. 5 FTP accounts are offered and 10 MySQL databases come with this account, which is a little better. H-Sphere is the control panel for all of Raiden’s hosting plans, which should be easy for most people to master. A free site builder is offered as well as a shopping cart and some discussion forum software.

PHP, ImageMagick and Zend Optimizer are all supported, which is nice to see. Raiden recently added Spam and Virus filters to this package, which can really help you manage your email more effectively. Awstats is the statistic program for this plan and PHPMyAdmin is offered to assist you in managing your MySQL databases. Backups are performed nightly and you’ll have the option to download your backup file, which is a really nice feature.

Technical support is available 24/7 through their online trouble ticket system and their live help module. A toll-free telephone number is apparently supplied only after you have signed up for their hosting services. In addition, they also offer online documentation for self-help. While this plan does have its downsides, it would be well suited for sites that regularly stay under 1 gig a month in data transfer.

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Posted on 05/9/06 8:37 PM

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