If you’re into Ruby on Rails, the plans at RailsPlayground are definitely worth a second look. We’ll be taking a look at their Guru Plus plan which is priced at $9 per month if you select the monthly billing option, or $8 if you select the yearly billing option.

You can host up to five unique sites with this plan, but keep in mind that you are not allowed to resell or give away this space. This plan offers 7 gigs of disk space and 70 gigs of monthly data transfer, which is terrific given the monthly price. You can add on an unlimited amount of domains, subdomains and if you require a dedicated IP address, this is available for an additional $2 per month, which is reasonable.

Unlimited FTP accounts, email addresses and MySQL databases are provided, which is a great feature for this plan. They also offer unlimited PostgreSQL databases if you prefer these instead. Daily back-ups are offered free of charge, and a restore management feature is also provided. The supported scripting languages include: Ruby on Rails with FastCGI support, Perl, PHP and Python. A DNS zone editor is supplied and WebHostManager is offered to manage your sites.

Fantastico is included and Ruby, C+ and C++ compilers are also offered. This company also provides in addition to the above mentioned features, Advanced Subversion and Trac Hosting for free. This includes 1 gig of disk space, 10 gigs of monthly transfer, unlimited repositories and unlimited users for each repository. You will need to email their support department to have this feature turned on for you.

The one downside for this plan is the technical support. Right now, it is limited to a support forum. This does however mean that you can interact with other developers, but many customers who are new to Ruby might appreciate a little more comprehensive options. This plan is still a good value and offers quite a bit for the advanced developer.

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Posted on 05/22/06 9:01 PM

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