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If you’re looking for a decent variety of hosting plans that are well priced, Speedsoft Hosting may have just the solution for you. Currently, they are offering 4 different shared hosting plans and 3 reseller plans that cater to a variety of different customers. This review will focus on their mid-level shared plan, the 3rd Gear Plan, to see what it has to offer.

This plan starts at $30 per month and offers 4 gigs of disk space and 10 gigs of monthly data transfer. While the disk space allotment is generous for this price range, the bandwidth amount falls behind other hosting companies with similarly priced plans. Most sites would not have to worry about staying within these limits, but it would have been nice to see a more competitive bandwidth allotment. This plan allows you to host six different domains and also features the ability to create six sub-domains.

65 email accounts are provided with 300 aliases and redirects, 65 autoresponders and mailing groups and 35 mailing lists. With so many hosting companies offering unlimited email accounts, it’s becoming a standard industry practice. While 65 email accounts may be enough for a small or midsized company, the amount is a little low. 30 MySQL databases come with this plan, but there is no mention if any database management software is provided. You may end up having to install PHPMyAdmin on your own, if you need several databases.

There are several add-ons for this plan, but one of the more remarkable ones is the ability to add-on Urchin Statistics for only $2 per month. This application used to be priced a lot higher than that, so this is nice to see. At the time of this review, Speedsoft was advertising a free domain name with this hosting package, and it does not appear to have any restrictions, such as purchasing a year’s worth of hosting to qualify.

Email technical support is available, and there are some very useful guides in Speedsoft’s tech support area. However, this plan would have been ranked higher if more support options, such as tickets, were offered. This plan’s biggest deficits are basically centered around its limits and the fact that there is very little documentation on the plan’s features.

While this plan is priced competitively for a mid-level hosting solution, the features don’t stand a chance of standing out in the crowd in a highly competitive industry. With a little more documentation and the addition of more features, this plan could attract more customers and it certainly would have received a higher overall ranking.

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