Spry Hosting offers several VPS plans, some with Plesk, some with CPanel and yet others with Spry’s own online GUI. For this review, we’ll be looking at their QuickStart 300 plan, which features Spry’s GUI. It should be noted that if you plan to use any of Spry’s plans for reseller purposes, you should select either their Plesk or CPanel plans. The QuickStart 300 would work well for a business or large personal site that just needs more space and control.

This plan is priced at $79.95 per month for the monthly billing option, and there is no set-up fee. 20 gigs of disk space and 250 gigs of data transfer per month are included. 4 dedicated IP addresses are provided, and although Spry doesn’t recommend using this plan for a reseller business, you can host up to 75 virtual sites, and 25 Barracuda domains. Set-up is instant, and the solution is based on Sw-Soft’s award winning HSPcomplete version 3.1.

Root access is provided and full nightly back-ups are offered free of charge. Spry also makes it easy to upgrade to their other plans, again without any set-up fees. GCC, python, Perl, and PHP are all supported and the APF firewall is also supported. Barracuda Networks supplies anti-virus and anti-spam tools for all email accounts for these plans, but unfortunately, they do not state how many email addresses, FTP accounts or MySQL databases are provided. While they may be unlimited, it’s difficult to tell with their lack of information. This is an area that could definitely use some improvement.

Technical support is provided via support tickets and a telephone contact is also available, once you become a Spry customer. Numerous tutorials and documentation can also be found in their help center. It would have been nice if Spry had stated their hours of technical support operation on their site. With just a little improvement on their documentation, Spry would have been rated higher in our directory. As it is, this plan is a pretty good value and offers a lot of advanced features that are hard to find anywhere else.

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