Intermedia’s Starter plan offers a reasonable monthly rate that doesn’t skimp on the amount of features. While budget hosting is easy to find, it may not include all of the features you may need for an ecommerce or small business site. This plan however, may provide you with what you are looking for, and may save you some money in the long term.

This plan comes with 1000 megs of disk space and 20 gigs of bandwidtheach month. While the amount of disk space is a little low, the bandwidth is certainly in line with plans in this price range. Most sites will not have to worry about exceeding this limit, but if you do need more, you can double it for just a few more dollars each month with their next highest plan. There is a set-up fee for all new accounts, but unlike many hosting companies that require a fee, it is pretty reasonable at $15.

20 POP-3 email accounts are included, as well as Intermedia’s DeskPilot webmail client. Each email account comes with an autoresponder, and you’ll have unlimited forwarders and aliasing. A basic filter to keep out spam is included, but you can upgrade this to advanced filtering for an additional fee. Virus scanning is also provided on all emails that you’ll receive on your server.

The HostPilot control panel makes it easy to administer your site, and you’ll have access to your server log files, as well as LiveStats reports to help you gauge your website traffic. LiveStats also features the ability to see how many visitors on your website at any time, based on their IP addresses. You can gain important information such as entry and exit pages from this program, helping you optimize your content.

One MySQL database is included, and you’ll need to keep it under 20 megs. If you need more databases, the next higher plan offers five, and an increased storage capacity of 40 megs. Intermedia can install your current SSL certificate for free, or if you need a new SSL certificate, you can add this on to your account for an additional fee.

The set-up time is instantaneous and you’ll get 24/7 support as well as a unique IP address and a billing center with real-time data. If you need to add more disk space, or features, the add-ons are typically about $5 a piece and include a photo gallery, more MySQL databases or email storage.

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